Retelling Violent Death


Purpose of Intervention:


For family members and friends who have lost someone in a violent death AND are involved with the criminal justice system. Crime-related death differs from any other because of the intense social scrutiny and demands the investigation when a member of the community has been killed. A criminal death must be solved, tried and punished by the criminal-judicial agencies of the community, and the family members have practically no role in the process. We view this loss of control as enormously stressful, and this mandated loss of control might further traumatize someone already feeling helpless and victimized by the dying. This group offers an intensive resourced of advocacy, support, and information to those who are bewildered by the police, the media, and the courts. Advocacy during the investigation and trail may come primarily form victim’s assistance personnel, but group members may mutually join in advocating for one another and after the group.


We will be applying the following SELF HELP interventions: A) The first intervention is a 12 weekly, two-hour group sessions that deal with the "nuts and bolts" (legal terms, how the criminal justice system works, Victim assistance services, dealing with the media, etc.). Meetings are once per week with definite goals and a clear agenda (as distinct from open-ended groups which may tend to bog down). (Source Dr. Edward K. Rynearson)


Support Group Agenda



1)         Session 1:       Introductions-Conocimiento


2)         Session 2:       What is Homicidal Grief?


3)         Session 3:       Different Ways of Showing Grief


4)         Session 4:       Self-Care


5)         Session 5:       The Criminal Justice System & Media


6)         Session 6:       The Impact of the Criminal Justice System on Grief


7)         Session 7:       Commemoration


8)         Session 8:       Family and Friends


9)         Session 9:       Exploring Question of Faith and Spirituality


10)       Session 10:     Ceremonial Goodbye and Beyond


11)       Session 11:     Sources of Support


12)       Session 12:     Information and Referral Comorbidity: Defining and Disorder