Fernando Garza Jr.

August 29th, 1996 - July 24th, 2019

According to documents obtained from the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office, Garza's mother, Blanca Herrera, informed authorities that she had not been able to contact her son since July 23, 2019. Garza was entered as a welfare concern the following day.

Documents say authorities executed a search warrant at a home located at the 8600 block of Maribel Ortiz Ave. in Mission on July 25 and 26 in reference to an ongoing investigation into Garza's disappearance. According to Herrera, her son had been staying at the residence. Deputies encountered Edna Rivera and Julio Cesar De Leon, who had initially given deputies a false names. As they searched the home, deputies found various narcotics and a 9mm handgun.

Documents go on to say that Rivera had informed Herrera that her son and De Leon had gotten into an argument and De Leon had pulled out a gun.

Deputies later met with Garza's father, Fernando Garza Sr., who said he had come across two of his son's friends- Alfredo Huerta and Luis Domingo Dominguez. Garza Sr. told deputies that Huerta told him that he, Garza, and Dominguez had been kidnapped and De Leon had shot and killed Garza, but that Dominguez and Huerta were able to escape.

On July 26, deputies responded to a call of a burned vehicle later determined to belong to Garza. Deputies then interviewed Rivera and De Leon at their residence where Rivera admitted to helping De Leon and Huerta bind Garza's hands as well as bind another man she knew as Luis Dominguez. Rivera went on to tell deputies that De Leon and Huerta had taken Garza and Dominguez from her home at gunpoint. According to Rivera's statement, De Leon returned to the house and told Rivera that he had shot Garza in the face and left his body in an orchard. Deputies later obtained a statement from De Leon admitting to killing Garza.

Investigators interviewed Luis Domingo Dominguez who stated that he and Garza were bound and kidnapped at gunpoint from Rivera's house by De Leon and Huerta. According to documents, Rivera knew what was going to happen and is the one who bound Garza and Dominguez's wrists with tape.

On July 27, deputies found Garza's body in an orchard south of Mile 13 Line and Iowa Rd.

De Leon, Rivera, and Huerta have been charged with capital murder and remain in custody.